Minsk NSC 2019
Vision for the Organising team by Dasha and Masha Skorokhod
Dear friend!
We've started the journey of Minsk 2019 to make it a very special session. It's the flagship event of the NC this year, which makes it both a great challenge and a responsibility for us. We can't and don't want to be making Minsk come true alone, so we are now looking for 6 people to join us in this! Below you can find our session vision to help you better understand if you and Minsk are a perfect fit!
— Masha and Dasha

Head Organisers of the NSC Minsk 2019
"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."
This is by far the most important aspect the work of the team will be based on. Be this being responsive to your team members or communicating the challenges you face to the leadership, we want Minsk to be the session where everyone knows what's going on, even and especially if something goes wrong.
The organizing team of Minsk'19 will consist of 2 international, 4 Belarusian organisers and 2 HOs. This is a relatively small team for a event we are aiming to put together. The idea behind this is that instead of having a lot of people who complete minor tasks they barely learn anything from, we want to have fewer people that will actually be growing. Less people means more work for each of the team members, yet we believe this also means a more meaningful experience, the chance to really shape the event and see your contribution to it. We will be working in 3 couples prior to the session, with each of them responsible for one aspect of the event, namely logistics, food, communication and promotion.
The organizers of Minsk will not just be carrying stationery and organising coffee breaks. We are looking for people who want to be the smart minds behind Minsk, generating ideas and shaping the session. While we do have a vision for the event already, it is largely up to you what it will look like, and what the venues and sponsors will be. We have some things prepared, but also have many more spots still open for your contribution and ideas. We are ready to change and shape what Minsk will look like together with each of you.

As HOs, we won't be giving you ready solutions but will rather assist you throughout the process, making sure you learn as much as possible.
While the workload for each organizer will be pretty significant, we want to have a session you enjoy. The last thing we want to see in Minsk is a team of stressed out and sleep-deprived people challenging themselves to an extent they don't enjoy what they are doing anymore. Minsk NSC is here to show you organizing can be a true joy, combining good learning experience and fun. We want to shape Minsk in a way that organizing does not equal stress.
Questions for Organisers
  1. What would you like to learn from Minsk'19?
  2. Why are you a good organiser? Refer to the experience you have (if you have any) or just share what qualities you think a good orga should have.
  3. What part of the organising aspect would you like to concentrate on and why? (food, logistics, etc?)
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