Minsk NSC 2019
Presidential Vision by Matthias Schwertner
Dear potential applicants,

I am very happy that you chose to consider applying for the Chairs' Team of the NSC Minsk 2019. Together, we can create a wonderful experience for each and every participant, especially this year's generation of young Belarusian Delegates.

In the following paragraphs, I would like to give you a little insight on my ideas for the implementation of the Session Theme in the Chairs Team as well as some general ideas on how this Chairs' Team and its cooperation will look like.

I hope you will find this vision fitting your expectations and that you will decide to apply.

I hope to see you soon in Minsk!
— Matthias,

President of the NSC Minsk 2019
Session Theme: "Re-evaluate.Refine: Fresh ideas for tomorrow's Europe"
The Session Theme "Re-evaluate. Refine: Fresh ideas for tomorrow's Europe" will play a vital role in the Chairs Team's work. In one of the first processes as a Chairs Team, we will be drafting the topics to be discussed this October in Minsk. It is this process that determines the most how strongly implemented the Session Theme will be academically.

Fresh ideas are needed for decades- old systems, omni-present problems and life-threatening challenges. Those problems and especially the current solutions - if any - to them need to undergo a thorough re-evaluation and refinement process. Because every problem brings a chance for solving it, for improvement and refinement.

It will be all of us who find those challenges, you who dig out their details, their impact on our continent and the ways we currently deal with them. And it will be the Delegates who re-evaluate all these problems and solutions and will then find their own, refined solutions.

To sum up, I envision the Chairs Team to facilitate the re-evaluation and refinement of some of the systems and institutions in place, of the problems and challenges Europe faces, and the finding of fresh ideas to build tomorrow's Europe.
Small Team. Big Individual Impact.
The Chairs Team will consist of 6 Chairpersons, 2 Vice Presidents and 1 President.
The VPs of the NSC Minsk 2019 will work closely with three of the Chairpersons each in the academic processes, namely coming up with the Topics and drafting the Topic Overviews. I will monitor and support those processes where needed, but do not plan to actively engage in them.

The VPs will be given great ownership especially in the TO process. After drafting this process together as a Board, every VP will lead three Chairpersons through the entire process, only leaving the final Presidential Check to me.

Given my own absence in August (I will be interning in the US), the two VPs will generally take over a presidential role during this month.
Given the small size of the team, every single Chairperson will have a lot of individual impact. Each Chairperson will chair a Committee on their own and develop the vision for this Committee from the beginning. They will be involved in the Topic drafting process, which will be carried out with their assigned Vice President, who will later on also accompany them through the Topic Overview Process.

For more chances on individual impact, look at the following sections.
New View on Hierarchies.
I am of the opinion that hierarchies fulfill certain purposes, but should not be used for others.

For me, hierarchies are mostly a system for the division of tasks. It is important to have different roles to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done and that everyone knows what they have to do, what their fields of responsibility are.

Although often built upon different levels of experience, hierarchies should never presume certain experiences and most certainly should not presume the absence of certain experiences.

Therefore, I envision a Team where hierarchies determine which tasks we carry out but where noone's opinion is worth more or less than someone else's, where we do not presume that someone does not have a certain knowledge or cannot take on a certain task just because they are on a lower step in the hierarchy. I want to create chances for all of us to impact each other and show that we cannot only fit our respective roles, but that we can take on additional tasks and show our personal skills, no matter how and where we acquired them.
2 CJO Days. Lots of Training
The first two days of the session (23 and 24 October) will be CJO Days. This means that we will have a lot of time for both Team Building and Training.

Although the main direction of Training will still go from the Board to the Chairpersons, I will also invite the Chairpersons and whoever else will be interested from the Officials Team to deliver trainings on useful knowledge and skills that they acquired and that might not be found in all of us.

My vision is for the whole Chairs Team and potentially even a bigger part of the Officials Team is to learn from each other and develop as much knowledge and as many skills as possible to create the best possible outcome for all participants.
Questions for VPs
  1. What is your motivation to join the NSC Minsk 2019?
  2. What will your August look like and how much time will you be able to dedicate to this session?
  3. What topics can you give valuable training modules on and what kind of training would you like to receive?
Questions for Chairs
  1. What is your motivation to join the NSC Minsk 2019?
  2. What kind of overall topics come to your mind when reading the Session Theme "Re-evaluate.Refine: Fresh ideas for tomorrow's Europe"? Which of those would you be willing and interested to draft a specific topic on and chair this topic? Why?
  3. What kind of training/workshop(s) could you imagine giving to the Chairs Team on one of the CJO Days? (This does not have to be connected to EYP, but should somehow be usable for chairing) What kind of training would you like to receive?
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